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About RegenaMedix

RegenaMedix is dedicated to helping patients unleash their body’s healing power through regenerative medicine solutions. This allows physicians to offer comprehensive patient care in the most cost-effective way.

We are passionate about patient results and dedicated to our network of physicians we serve and collaborate with. Our physicians count on us to offer them the best products and solutions possible, to have in their toolbox to treat their patients. We pride ourselves on keeping our physicians up to date on new product and information developments.

Our Products

RegenaMedix is dedicated to offering physicians the highest quality products which help their patients unleash their own body’s healing power.

EV-PURE is a decellularized product consisting of nano-sized mi-cropods containing growth factors, cytokines and nucleic acids se-creted from the membranes of placental derived Medicinal Signal-ing Cells (MSC’s). The natural components in this product support healthy cell-cell communication and provide anti-inflammatory effects. EV-PURE 7.5 Billion – 0.5mL EV-PURE 15 Billion – 1mL EV-PURE 75 Billion – 5mL

WJ-PURE is a minimally manipulated DSMO free Wharton’s Jelly product for homologous use. Manufactured from bio-ethically do-nated umbilical cords from healthy births. To preserve WJ-PURE’s structural integrity and potency we do not use harmful enzymes or chemicals in our proprietary processing. WJ-PURE is rich in Medic-inal Signaling Cells (MSC’s), cytokines, growth factors, natural nano-particles, and proteins which stimulate healing and repair of the body.


NS-PURE is a topical extracellular matrix which consists of growth factors, nano sized micropods, collagen elastins, hyaluronan, cyto-kines, and fibroblasts from amniotic membrane, wharton’s jelly, and chorionic villi. NS-PURE has antimicrobial properties and bio-active molecules which stimulate collagen growth, wound healing and promote healthy skin resurfacing.


EV-OPTI drops consist of a placental derived matrix providing growth factors, cytokines, trophoblasts, nanoparticles, and nucleic acids. EVOPTI drops also contain a lubricant made from high-molecular weighted hyaluronic acid and antimicrobials along with potent concentrations of anti-inflammatory properties that promote wound healing and antiscarring effects on the surface of the eye.

EV-OPTI 0.5mL – 10 Day Supply

The Ozonette is a compact medical ozone generator, featuring great reliability, safety and consistency which is why it has a CE certification. This is the highest certification of any Ozone Generator on the market today.

The Ozonette is designed for therapy applications where safety and ozone concentrations need to be delivered accurately. With the touch of a button, you can easily fill an ozone syringe by automatic syringe size detection or ozone limb bag and more. It will neutralize excess ozone with it’s built-in ozone catalyst.

The Ozonette is quick and simple to use, thanks to it’s digital interface. It has a built-in regulator which will self-regulate the flow of the oxygen so you don’t need to. The self monitoring system will show an error message when the unit is out of specifications allowing practitioners safer and more reliable applications.

Key Features
• Digital interface allows for simple use
• Automated settings allow for quick and easy operation
• Built-in oxygen regulator
• All internal component materials are 100% ozone resistant
• CE certified for the highest standard in reliability, safety and consistency
• Affordable price

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